Advisory Panel

Dr. Sandeep Pandey, an eminent social activist and Magsaysay awardee, acts as mentor for the project. He is involved in educating center coordinators about various Govt. Schemes/ Acts and in making sure that the project functions as envisioned. Dr Pandey has been relentlessly working towards corruption free society and strengthening the democracy at the grassroots. In his recent book Towards a Nuclear Free World, Dr. Pandey argues that the top priority for governments should be to invest in clean green energy that is sustainable and has no adverse impact upon our environment or people.

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Dr. William Gould is Professor of Indian History at University of Leeds. His research involved links with Asha Parivar, and which develops various historical theories about corruption.  He helped to develop the JSK at its inception.William Gould’s recent book, Bureaucracy, Community and Influence in India (London, 2012), argues that the exposure and prevention of corruption can only take place where a widespread and inter-connected culture of anti-corruption has developed via specific anti-corruption mechanisms, along the lines set up in an inter-connected Public Information Centre.

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Project In-charge

Mudit Shukla is the JSK Project In-charge. He focuses on sustainability of the centers, arranges training programs for the coordinators . His interest areas include Social Entrepreneurship, sustainability models at grass roots, use of Information & Communication Technology in strengthening democracy.

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Center In-charge:

Shankar Singh – a dedicated RTI Activist, runs the Kanpur center and lives with his family in Kanpur.

Rani Sharma– is physically challenged yet through her hard work and determination has become  a role model for people in Sandilla. She runs the JSK in Sandilla.

Dhanpati Rajput: Runs the JSK Unnao. He has been instrumental in building a movement of MNREGA workers by helping them file online work and organizing protest for labor rights.

Gangesh Gupta – JSK Amethi. Gangesh is a youth activist who has worked in RTI, MNREGA etc. He helped 107 families in Jajupur village fight a legal battle which helped them acquire a total of 580 acres of land which had been allotted to them by the government over 30 years ago, but had been occupied by some politically influential feudal families of the village

Rajesh Maurya – JSK Barabanki. Rajesh lives with his family in Barabanki and runs a JSK in his village. Rajesh is a social activist, his core skill is RTI Act.

Nandlal Mater – JSK Varanasi. Nandlal is a active NAPM  member and is involved in several social activities.

Mahendra Yadav – JSK Patna. Mahendra is a youth activist who works in Patna, Bihar. He has been fighting for labor rights, RTE.  He has set a target of training one thousand students in the year 2013-14 in RTI in Patna.

Surabhi Agarwal – JSK Head Office – Lucknow. Surabhi is a Engineer by profession – M.Tech from IIT-K.  She manages the Head Office in Lucknow.