Some frequently asked questions about Internship at JSK (Public Information Center)


(a)  What are the locations for internship ?

We have currently 8 operational centers, mostly in rural Uttar Pradesh. For address details click here


(b)  Would any training be provided to people unfamiliar with RTI (Right to Information) and other Government Schemes relevant to this project?

Yes, the social activist who will be running these centres are experienced RTI activist and the students will get on the job training at the centres while helping them prepare RTI application on computer.

We are planning to arrange a formal session on RTI application formulation by Dr. Sandeep Pandey.

(c)   Is there any allowance provided to intern. What about the stay and food arrangements ?

Their food and stay arrangement will be made at the local social activist’s home for free. No other allowance is being provided.


(d)  Is there a minimum time-period that you would like the volunteers to stay?

We expect a minimum of 2 weeks commitment from interns and maximum is upto the candidate depending on work.


(e)  How long will the scheme be running for and when does it start?

These Public Information Centres are permanent centers and are open to students for learning all the year round.


(f)    Is there a further selection process for candidates for the internship?

No, we are open to anyone who wants to learn and contribute. Just fill up your details on “Internship Enrollment Form” and we’ll get back to you. To enroll click here