Role of Intern


Role of intern –

Each intern will be associated with one center.  Where he or she’ll be responsible for:

– providing basic computer training (such as typing, web surfing, accessing various government websites, creating word files, email) to the Village Social Activist(VSA).

– Generating ideas to make the centers financially viable.

– Communicating the agenda and services of the centers to the masses

– Interacting with local governing bodies to take up people’s issues.

– Work closely with the local community and understand their issues.


What you will gain by becoming an intern?

You will get:

– A good understanding of the grass root level working of government and its social  programs.

– Good exposure to social activism and associated challenges

– A unique opportunity to gain communication and leadership skills

– Sound financial insights on how to run business with a social conscience

And above all, a deep sense of Satisfaction that you made a difference to society. 

To enroll  for internship click here. To read some frequently asked questions regarding the internship click here