Roles & Responsibilities

JSK (1)
JSKs are equipped with a computer, printer, scanner and internet connection. These centers are run by local social activists who are trained in computers and people’s rights.
Broadly there are two types of centers based on the area in which they are operational:
Block/ Village Level Centers
Opened in a Block/ Village, these centers cater to needs of rural community and focus on below issues:
•Help citizens with RTI Act
•Provide information to citizens through various Govt. sites
•Grassroots Feedback on various government schemes(NREGS, PDS , MDM, BPL list, etc ).
•Exposing corruption and irregularities.
•Communicate with Govt. Official regarding issues brought to the center.


Centers at District HQ and State Capital

Opened in a city, these centers cater to issues pertaining to urban community and also act as co-ordination center for nearby rural JSKs. The urban centers provide all services offered by a rural center.