Scope of Work


Scope of work of JSK

JSKs work with three groups:

a)      Local community: Villagers/ local people can come to JSK to avail welfare services such as

i)        Formulating RTI/ Applications: Any person can come to JSK for formulation of RTI queries. The coordinator formulates the application, a print out is given to the person. If the person is not qualified enough, the volunteer will also file the application for him and helps in getting the reply and interpreting it. This record is maintained in the JSK and also updated online (google drive) for further tracking and reference.

ii)  Accessing information about Govt. Schemes: There are several useful sources of information available      on Govt. websites e.g. land records, MNREGA, BPL/APL list etc. Villagers now have access to such information through local JSKs. (Ref Case Study I)

iii) Affordable services: These centers also provide services such as photocopying, typing, print out, document scanning and email. The charges for these services are kept at minimum. (Ref Case Study II)

iv) Awareness Camps: The JSKs have set up awareness camps where information about RTI is given to the local people and their RTIs are formulated for free. (Ref Case Study III)

b)     Local Social Activists: JSKs provide a meeting and discussion place for local activists. The activists also come down to access email, and online information through internet for free. The computer skills of activists running the center is enhanced from time to time by conducting training sessions locally and in Lucknow.

c)      Students:  These centers provide an excellent opportunity to students to experience grass roots issues and related activism. In the past year, 24 foreign and Indian students have come to various centers, where they have worked with the center coordinator and local community. During this time they stayed with the JSK coordinator’s family and interacted with the local community. They trained the coordinator in computers and internet and helped him in running the center and in setting up RTI camps.